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Here are some HTML links you can use to add to your web page or Blog.  Use whichever version you'd like!
FlavaStudio and FL Studio might well be of interest to your web site visitors, so why not link to us!

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Version 2 Example:

Compose music on your PC - Download FL Studio at FlavaStudio.com

Version 2 HTML (copy & paste):
Version 1 Example:

Get 10% OFF FL Studio XXL at FlavaStudio.com and start making music today!

Version 1 HTML (copy & paste):
Version 3 Example:

Try awesome music composition software - get the FL Studio Download Demo - at FlavaStudio.com

Version 3 HTML (copy & paste):
Version 4 Example:

Create music on your PC--download FL Studio--get a 10% discount and free upgrades for life!

Version 4 HTML (copy & paste):
Feel free to edit to suit your web page, but please try to use the links as shown.  Eg: Make the text "download FL Studio" ne the link to http://FlavaStudio.com.  Thanks!