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What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is a software music production studio that runs on a PC (but not Mac). 

In addition to the included instruments and effects, FL Studio can play 3rd party generators (virtual instruments) and audio effects, in the industry standard VST and DX formats (many of which are free).  The sky's the limit.

Having evolved from the original and famous "FruityLoops" drum loops composer, FL Studio has enjoyed many major and awe inspiring updates.  It has gone from a drum loops maker to a full software music composer, complete with MIDI, audio, effecting and mixing capabilities.  An all-in-one hot package.

FL Studio is the creation of "Gol" - my precious - actually, Gol is not short for Gollum. ;)  Though he wasn't a musician, Gol invented FruityLoops.  Closer to the present, JMC of ImageLine realised the potential for this great music product, bought the rights, and employed Gol to continue the FruityLoops Legend.
FL Studio comes in different flavours, depending on your needs (or is that wants? ;) and how much money you have to spend.

FL Studio XXL

XXL is the big kahuna!  FL Studio with audio multi-tracking capabilities, plus a whole host of instruments and effects, bundled together for a special price.  This is the drool package. :)

FL Studio Producer Edition

With less drool factor than XXL, Producer Edition gives you FL Studio with multi-track audio capabilities and a number of included instruments and effects.

FL Studio Fruity Edition

If you want something to get your feet with, or don't need audio multi-tracking, FL Studio Fruityloops edition may be the one for you.

Apart from the included virtual gear, you can also try and buy a number of other instruments and effects from the FL Studio store (visit the Buy link).
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